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IntelServe Inc. was established by professionals with vast experience in Management Consulting, Business Analysis. It is a company that provides business analytical services from both qualitative and quantitative processes providing services in Business Analysis, Management Consulting.


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IntelServe Inc.

1472 Windsor Drive

Brockville, ON  K6V 6X5

p. 613.209.0483

c. 647.772.9366


e. roseghale@intelserveinc.com


Our Services


Through our Management services, we are able to help implement the findings from our Business analysis of companies, our team is able to help the organizations improve their performance by development plans for improvement and subsequent monitoring of these plans to ascertain both short and long term business progress.


Through our Business survey analysts we are able to carry out business analysis of company processes using analytical tools, models and processes to identify gaps, shortfalls, and limitations in all aspects of the business processes and subsequent improvement of these processes to enable the companies maximize operations and profit. This includes an on-ground performance of both qualitative and quantitative processes to help identify all aspects of the business operations and to give the best services available to our clients.

IntelServe Inc. is a Canadian company formed to provide business analytical services to the growing businesses and companies, the company was formed by professionals who understand the business environment and the challenges most businesses face which hinders them from utilizing and reaching optimization. IntelServe specializes in providing services to these companies to enable them reach their optimization through provisions of services such as Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Business Process Re-engineering , Gap Analysis, Data Analytics, Capacity Utilization, Business Value Mapping, Country Evaluation and Investments.

Made up of a group of qualified professionals with vast experience in management consulting, IntelServe is a fast growing company providing consulting services to companies of various sizes delivering high standard and professional services to its clients both in Canada and outside Canada. From the use of both qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, IntelServe is able to provide consulting services that meets the client s expectations and proffering solutions through solutions based analysis to reposition the companies and give clients the knowledge they require to help them maximize operations to full capacity.